Your Adventure




A wonderful chance to experience some enjoyable horse back riding a longside the delightful 

views and culture Rhodes has to offer.


1) First Day, arrival.


2) Second Day, we will ride for 2 hours experiencing the beautiful panorama views and through the valleys. During this time we shall get to know our horses and also visit the monastery, Thari.

 - Roughly 2h riding time


3) Third Day, we shall ride completely through the middle of nowhere! Heading to a little Monastry. As we travel through the forest and valleys, hopefully some deer shall cross our path. Opportunities for some exciting canters along the trails will be available. Dependant on the weather at the time of the tour, we can potentially visit the Donkey Sanctuary. 

 - Roughly 4 hours riding time


4) Fourth Day, on this day you can go exploring if you wish or you can just simply relax. If you would like there is the opportunity to rent a motorbike or a car and discover the wonderful places Rhodes has to offer. Alternatively we can drive you to a splendid beach where you can stay for the whole day and relax.

 - The optional programme you can additionally book for your day off:

Catamaran Tour, Tour to the Irleand Symi, private Tour to Rhodes Town, or Massage at the Ranch.


5) Fifth Day, Have you ever tried T-Touch? The horses do so much for us, so let’s give them something back! We can teach you the Tellington Jones touch with the horses, we will show you how you can help a nervous horse to become relaxed and calm. Understanding how to create the steps towards a more confident horse, how to take away the horses pain, how to keep the horses back in good shape and condition and also how to make the horse more concentrated. After this we can try a little horsemanship and also riding bareback (the entirety of the program is around 4 hours). If you are concerned about riding bareback you can just have a little go in the round pen and afterwards tack up the horse before heading out.

If you already know about T-Touch, Horsemanship and so on, you are able to arrange to go on trail with us for 4 hours as an alternative option.


6) Sixth Day, we shall ride to the dam of Laerma, there you can swim, discover the lake with the canoe and chill in the hammock.

After our relaxing time we will visit the stone graves from 300 B.C. From here on we will ride back to the ranch and complete our day. 

- Roughly 4,5 h riding time


7) Seventh Day, on this day we will go for a tour lasting 3 hours, travelling up to heights of 400m, allowing us to enjoy a fantastic view of the dam below. Upon our return home to the ranch, Taki will be ready to welcome us with a well deserved tasty BBQ.  

- Roughly 3h riding time


8) Eighth Day, sadly this is the final day where you can depart the ranch, however there is the oppurtunity to stay another week if you would like to do so.


*The programme consists of around 18 hours throughout the week.*



€ 1070.- Euro- Half Board with midday-snack P.P.

€  150.- Euro- Single room P.P.



- Transfer from the apartments to the ranch and back

- Breakfast with coffee & juice,

- Snack with a soft drink

- Dinner incl. one drink

- Plenty of water throughout the tour and provided with the meals

- Archery


The following is not included:

- Additional drinks

- Insurance

- Flights 

- Transfer to and from the airport (available at 60 Euro each booking one way)




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