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Animal Welfare


Everyone can help!

Either with adopting a dog, becoming a flight-companion, taking the dogs for walks or bathing them, or helping financially.


Stray Gang Rhodos is a young team, which we support with the earnings of selling our Elpida Ranch and Rhodos Entdecker t-shirts.

Unfortunately this young team hardly receives any governmental support but has a big heart for animals. Every dog in need is taken in and looked after until he (hopefully) finds a forever home. Pictures and Information about the dogs which are looking for a loving home can be found here:



In case of any questions about the dogs, contact us and we will translate their story.


Godparent of a horse


Why should you become a godparent of a horse knowing that our horses are well looked after?

We give our best to provide our horses with everything they need but with the crisis things have gotten more difficult.Our four-legged children always come first and that is the reason why we also think about their future.

There is always the possibility of an unexpected illness or injury and the horses will get older too. We still are a very young team but we would like to secure the future for our horses, so they will be able to enjoy their retirement. This is why we are collecting donations.

Every crew member, which is working today, shall have a secure future.

All godparents receive a “Godparent Certiifcate”.

Of course you can visit your “godchildren” at our Ranch at any time. In case you have fallen for one specific horse you can choose a personal sponsorship.


Sponsorship for the whole crew:

1 Horseshoe sponsorship 10.– Euro monthly

2 Horseshoe sponsorship 20.– Euro monthly

3 Horseshoe sponsorship 30.– Euro monthly


Sponsorship for one special horse:

3 Horseshoe sponsorship 30.– Euro monthly (Certificate with name of the horse)


Sponsorship is for at least 6 months, extension possible, after these 6 months cancellation is possible.



For all


For your favorite


Just send us an e-mail with the favoured amount or/and your favourite horse.

Thank you very much!