Your Adventure
 South-Rhodes Trail 

Experience Beaches, mountains with wide panoramas, connected with culture,

small yet original Greek villages & culinary dishes.


1) First Day, arrival at the ranch.

 - Overnight at the pension.


2) Second Day, we will first get to know the horses. We shall saddle the horses to get ready for a little training in Westernriding and commands. Soon after, we set off on a beautiful Panorama ride lasting 3 hours. During this time, you will get to know your chosen horse and we will visit the famos Monastery "Thari".

- Break time at the ranch

- Overnight at the pension

- Riding time approx. 3h


3) Third Day, leaving the ranch. After 10 km we have the opportunity to explore “Asklipeo”, this is the birthplace of Asclepius (Aesculapius), the son of Apollo and the God of healing. Located in the square is one of the most remarkable churches on Rhodes. It was built in 1060 as a cross-domed church and in the 14th century it was expanded. The wall paintings show scenes of the Old Testament. In the Southern Cross arm of the church, rather a typical representation of the Apocalypse is shown, a seven-headed dragon, trumpeters and the four apocalyptic horsemen.

The tiny museum on the church grounds invites us to inspect the original farm tools and the old olive press. When walking along the narrow streets of “Asklipeo” you should be prepared to be overwhelmed by the medieval feeling especially when coming closer to the “Asklipeo Castle”. This was built by the knights in the 15th Century.

We will head deeper in to the countryside, riding through the valley, before venturing way up to the Mountain Village Profilia. From there our eyes can wander across the gorgeous panoramic view to the Aegean Sea. Soon we arrive in Arnitha, a small village with an occupancy of roughly 300 residents. The history of this village dates back to the Hellenistic period. There we will stay in a small monastery called saint Filimonas, located right next to the village. Our dinner is a delicious variety of fresh Mediterranean dishes.


*Please note that the visit to Asklipeo is fix in the program, except we experience difficult weather conditions (heavy rain or heat wave), then we will take the shorter way, which does not include Asklipeo. Instead of 30km the shorter way would be 20 km.


- Break time in the hammocks

- Overnight at the monastery

- About 5,5h riding time


4) Fourth Day, beach time.....but first we ride up a little hill on the top of the village, pass the small chapel of Saint Nicolas, originating from the 13th century at the end of the village, we will ride through a nice valley and then will reach the beach. There we will stop to have a rest and a swim. Depending on the weather, you will have the fantastic opportunity to swim with your horse as well. After you can enjoy a ride on the beach for 4 km, until we get close to the cliffs of Monolithos. The name means a huge single rock (in Greek "lithos"), on which the castle was built on around the 14th Century in order to guard the sea in the Dodecanese. The charm of Monolithos comes mainly from its amphora form, the charming white stone houses with their tiled roofs and red geraniums, which grow around the hills of the medieval castle.

In the evening, you can expect a wide selection of Mezze (Tapas) to satisfy your appetite!


- Break time in the hammocks/at the beach

- Overnight in Monolithos

- Riding time approx. 5h


5) Fifth Day, today the horses will enjoy a day off, during this time we can discover the village, experience some of the culture or just relax at the beach. In the evening, we can try some wine in a little old wine cellar prior to having our dinner.

 - Overnight in Monolithos


6) Sixth Day, this day will provide wonderful panoramic views whilst we travel along the forgotten donkey and carriage paths to our destination, Aigios Isideros, a small mountain village 523m below the highest mountain in Rhodes, Ataviros. In the evening, the locals will welcome you with the traditional hospitality at the village tavern and serve some delicious local dishes for you to enjoy.

- Break time in the hammocks

- Overnight at a Hostel

- Riding time approx. 4,5h


7) Seventh Day, morning gym, before breakfast! Those who have enough energy have the opportunity to hike up part of Mountain Ataviros, along an old goat path.

(30 min. to go on 620 m), the view will amaze you.

After the breakfast we are ready to ride home, enjoy the last hours with your loyal companion. In the evening depending on the weather, we will have a BBQ at the ranch or go to the village tavern.


- Break time in the hammocks

- Overnight at the pension

- Riding time approx. 4 h


*Throughout the week, we will cover roughly an amazing 120 km of scenic trails.*


8) Eighth Day, sadly this is the final day of the tour and it is time to return home; however you are welcome to book an additional week if you would like to do so.



€ 1290.- Euro- Half Board including a midday snack P.P.

€  150.- Euro- Single room P.P.



- Transfer from the pension to the Ranch (1st, 2nd and last day)

- Breakfast with coffee & juice

- Snack with a soft drink

- Dinner incl. one drink

- Plenty of water throughout the tour and provided with the meals


The following is not included:

- Additional drinks

- Insurance

- Flights

- Transfer to and from the airport (available at €60 Euro each booking one way).


If you have any questions or would like to book, please do not hesitate to contact us using the following email:





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