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You live 3 km from the village of Laerma, 1km from the ranch, 200m next to the famous Monastery in Rhodes "Thari".

In basic, cozy rooms.

Facilities: refrigerator, kettle, stove, toilet / shower.

The rooms are offered by the Church, the donation which will go to
the church to help orphans, is included in the riding or hiking package.

The transfer to Ranch (1 km) is included.
The transfer from the airport to the Ranch cost 30.-Euro per oneway.

For the South-Rhodes-Trail you will stay in these rooms the first and last night of your stay. The nights in between we will stay in hostels and hotels.


Riding & Hiking clubs can stay in dormitories see our offers

  Available Rooms:

- Double bed room (pictured) Toilet / Shower
- Family room with 2 (bunk beds)1 Double bed {6Perso}

- Large dormitories with 10 beds (bunk beds)

- common sanitary facilities with separate Shower cabins / Toilets 
Double bed room (pictured) Toilet / Shower

        Family room                                                     Shower house


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